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My boyfriend has disappeared. OTL

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hyo’s thoughts;


I wish I had the will to talk. Breathe life into others like they do to me. Sure, I entertain, but that’s not really who I am. I wish I was more outgoing. The type of person who lives by the basic rules of a wild child; remembering the fact that we are only given once chance at this thing called life and if we don’t make the most of it with the people we love, then it’s all gone to shit for you… That’s how I feel, lately. Like I’m sinking and there’s no way for me to get out of this endless slump. I can sit here and tell you how much I wish I had more friends, or how I wish I had more free time, or even how I wish I had more companionship with anyone other than my boyfriend, but how is that going to help me? It isn’t.


Riley Reid & Staci Silverstone from WowGirls - Fruity Cuties
Anonymous asked: I would love to see you and another girl get it on. Seriously my ultimate fantasy. I wanna see you dominate the other girl, make her your bitch.

Ah, my favorite anon. Not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind a woman’s touch. I don’t want to say find me someone willing but.. If you do, I won’t object.